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I am a full stack software developer who hails from the quaint, coastal city of Charleston (pronounced locally: Chall-stun), South Carolina. I am committed to building reliable, clean, and cutting-edge applications. Apart from writing code, I like music that you can get lost in, board game sessions that last all night, and food that can elevate your soul.

Featured Projects


Memory books without the hassle

Generational is a web-based memory book application that gives users specific prompts to write and reflect on. It takes away the stress of thinking of what to write and allows users to spend more time actually writing. Users may purchase and download each entry they have written individually, so there's never any pressure to fully complete a giant, daunting book. Users may also add other users to contribute to books they have created.

Tabletop Scores

Board gaming social media experience

Tabletop Scores is a web application built for board gamers to track scores against their friends. After logging in with a Google account, a user can add game sessions which will log the game, the users, and their scores for a particular gaming session. Games can be added to the database and updated by users of the application.

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Visual Package Tracker

Visual representation of a package in transit

The Visual Package Tracker is meant to provide the user with a visual representation of a shipped package route based off of which cities it has visited. A user can input their UPS and Fedex tracking number to generate a map of the cities their package has visited. The app will also display the current status of the package's route.














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